Open Plan Living


Platinum group specialises in engineered open plan living and extending residential properties. We build high performance, high end buildings with pvc Sika trocol roofing, with as much glass and light as possible. Our open plan living areas make use of any small to medium sized rooms to create a warm and friendly atmosphere upon entering any home to a large family/entertainment/dining room.

This is a perfect setting for those who might like to entertain guests or maybe just to create a strong family ambiance bond throughout their house by removing load bearing walls within your own home. We recess all steel beams to create seamless flat ceilings and walls , we can remove any existing load bearing walls of your home and extend to create a large family room in which a utility, large sofa/television room, kitchen with island and formal dining table to be positioned at rear of the new building looking out a large glass screen to a landscaped garden. The advantages of open planning are plentiful and we take pride in providing them in abundance whether it be for a new build or existing houses.