Open Plan Living

Platinum group specialises in engineered open plan living and extending residential properties. We build high performance, high end buildings with pvc Sika trocol roofing, with as much glass and light as possible. Our open plan living areas make use of any small to medium sized rooms to create a warm and friendly atmosphere upon entering any home to a large family/entertainment/dining room. This is a perfect setting for those who might like to entertain guests or maybe just to create a strong family ambiance bond throughout their house by removing load bearing walls within their own home. We recess all steel beams to create seamless flat ceilings and walls , we can remove any existing load bearing walls of the house and extend to create a large family room in which a utility, large sofa/television room, kitchen with island and formal dining table to be positioned at rear of the new building looking out a large glass screen. The advantages of open planning are plentiful and we take pride in providing them in abundance whether it be for a new build or existing rooms.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • You are visually able to connect the living spaces in your home aesthetically to create a natural flow of decor throughout your house.
  • Open floor plans provide much more natural light when compared to closed floor plans. The removal of walls means that natural light can reach much further into your home and making it feel far more spacious while reducing costs at the same time. It will also give you a much more desirable view of any outdoor landscape.
  • Open floor plans provide a much safer environment for family life as it allows parents to monitor their children as they play while not neglecting the important tasks of everyday life.
  • If you are fan of entertaining and like to chat, mingle and cook all at the same time, our open planning designs are perfect for you. Depending on the design, your kitchen can overlook any dining roomor living. Perfect for any dinner party, when these open living areas are designed and built the feedback from our previous clients mention they never need to rent a hall for any party again as they hold up to 90 people comfortably.
  • Our clever designs can offer a sense of intimacy and cosiness within any open floor plan while avoiding a sense of enclosure that may be found in some homes.
  • Also we can create a real connection to the outdoor living space by expanding any space outside onto an expansive garden. This will help create a feeling of one large and connected space.
  • Open plan living creates the illusion of more space within confined spaces while cleverly designed storage compartments are distributed well to free up space.
  • More visual space within any home will attract better price if there is ever any need to sell your house in the future as open plan living is the new way of living.


On top of all the obvious and positive benefits which open planning can provide, Platinum group are dedicated to meeting all of your needs so that any open plan design will provide all the advantages that you are looking for. Our experienced staff offer a wide range of expertise to suit you and your needs whilst staying within any desired budget.