Design & Consultancy

Before getting started with residential or commercial construction projects it is vital to have the most experienced and professional architects and engineers in the construction sector involved to make the project a success. By planning everything in advance, individuals can be assured that the project will be completed without difficulty and at a reliable cost. This means our clients will be able to rest assured that their plan can be carried out and that they are maximizing the value they can obtain from a specific project.

Consultation Services

Before getting started with a design project, homeowners should consult a professional to explore possibilities that can be incorporated into the plan. Families can sit down with professionals from The Platinum Group to explore what they could do to add value to their homes. Whether looking to build a new home or to extend their existing home, or even add an entire new floor to a home or office, Legal considerations, costs, and material choices can all be explored beforehand with our services.

Design Services

Whether you would like to utilise our experienced team of architects and engineers, we have a team of professionals that can create your thoughts and dreams into reality.

We will take you from the initial consultation through to drawing stages to planning applications for a smooth stress free transaction.

Get in contact

Those looking to work with an exceptional company in Ireland that has extensive experience with home and commercial construction should get in touch with Platinum Group to see what options are available to them. Our company can assist you with residential and commercial construction. Please do not hesitate to contact Platinum Group today!