Open plan living has become a huge hit in many countries and this is also popular due to the economic downstream reason. Many people prefer to down size the homes and those of buyers who want to buy the house for the first time settle for a small flat instead of buying a huge house. Thus living in a small space has become a common thing these days, when you are living in such a small area, it is also necessary to see that you make maximum use of the space that is available without wasting any inch, only a professional Property maintenance provider will be able to deliver you such a house with all the specification. The builders Dublin are experts in giving you such a house that will utilize the whole area without leaving any area go wasted. The open plan living is one technique wherein even a small looking house will appear spacious, less claustrophobic and airy. When you have such an open plan living style for your house, you can get several rooms which will merge to one. The functionalities of a single room will be more with this open style. For example a living room and the kitchen will be clubbed in to one room and in small flats even a bedroom is clubbed into this.


There are multiple benefits of choosing a single room that serves different purposes instead of going for several rooms; you can concentrate on one room instead of picking up many rooms and decorating each and every room. When you have all things under one roof the maintenance of the same will also be easy and time saving. For example when you have several rooms you need tiles for your kitchen, rich carpet for your bedroom and lamination for your living room, you may not be able to pick the best flooring as various room serve various purpose. Now the same in the open living space you can have the porcelain floor tiles and this will serve to the best alternative for the rooms. There are huge range of finishes and colours and you can pick the best one that is durable and non porous. They will set well and give provision for under floor heating system also.


The wetrooms are the best choice when you are opting for a modern and compact wash rooms. The wet rooms will cover less space and be economical too. The looks will be sleek, modern, cool and of high tech features. The floor of such wetrooms will slop to the drain directly and so there will be no water stagnation in the bathroom. When you want to make complete use of your small area house, you should call the professional or expertise bathroom installers for installing a wet room for your house. The commercial/industrial maintenance dealers in Dublin will be able to take up any huge or small building worn and deliver you the house as per your requests. There are realms of wet room installers who can get this work done for an affordable cost.

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